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NETGEAR WiFi range extenders / Range Boosters help you keep mobile devices, media players and computers connected to WiFi with a reliable connection and expanded coverage in every corner of your home. is the default login address for Netgear extenders. Extenders perform a vital role in expanding the network and its coverage. Extenders enable you to connect several computers, mobile devices, media players to the Internet in such areas where the range of your router is poor and that too without the hassle of using cables. It can be connected from anywhere.

If you have two or more rooms in your house or a huge office and your router doesn’t work well in another room or in another cabin, then you must install the Wifi Extender for a smooth, reliable, cable less and error free network connection.

Netgear Extender Setup/ support is now available online by certified Technicians. Now you don’t have to mess around with a non working web adress of or face any issue while setup of Netgear Extender Setup. Now technical support for Netgear Extender Setup is available 24/7 from technicians of netgearsupport on

At Netgearsuppport, We provide support for all kind of extender and router related issues whether they are arisen cause of your computer, networking, printer or due to first time setup of extender. When you call us, our primary motto is to make sure that your problems are solved before you finish working with our technicians. Our technicians are certified by Netgear, Cisco & MS etc. They have complete expertise to fix any kind of issue from extender to router, modem or computer.

Major type of issues that our experts can help you fix efficiently and effectively are

  • Extender Setup for the First Time
  • doesnt exist or you can’t open it on your computer
  • not working / Can not login to Netgearsupport for setup
  • Extender connected but internet not working
  • Router issues after installing extender
  • Internet Problem / Connectivity issues
  • Router / Modem Issues

When you call our help-line of Netgearsupport on , you will find that our technicians are expert on every such issue that is known and they know what they are doing or what they fix. So free your self from the burden of fixing your extender or networking related problem, just let our technician help you fix the problem.

So what are you waiting for, Call our Technical Support on & Get your issue resolved quickly and without hassle that too paying less than a home technician.

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