How To Turn on 2-Step Authentication Feature In Gmail

Considering the tremendous rise in the hacking activities, it is important to keep your Gmail account as secure as you can. The security of your Gmail account becomes more concerning in case you have accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. associated with your Gmail account. This is because if a hacker gets access to your Gmail account, he/she can also get into your associated accounts easily.

In order to help you keep your account more secure, Google offers its users with 2-step verification feature. Enabling a 2-step verification feature in your Gmail account will send you a code every time you sign in to your account. Apart from entering your password during signing into your Gmail account, you will also need this code to get access to your Gmail account. The 2-step verification works as an extra security layer to your Gmail account.

If you haven’t activated this feature in your Gmail account, you can do this easily by following the steps mentioned below.

Guide to Setup 2-Step Verification Feature in Gmail

1.) Sign into your Gmail account and click on your Profile Picture located on the top-right corner of your Gmail account’s page. A drop-down will appear.

2.) Click on the My Account button, a new window will open. Click on the Sign-in & security tab. You will multiple options under Sign-in & security tab.

3.) Scroll down and click on the 2-Step Verification option. Next, click on the Get Started button. You might be prompt to enter your password again. Do so to get to the 2-Step Verification page.

4.) Now, you will be prompted to provide a Phone Number. Your registered number may come appearing in the field. You can choose it or you can change it with another one.

5.) Once you have selected the phone number, you will need to select any one of the given options for getting codes. The options would be – Text message and Phone. Select any one of them and click Next.

6.) As you will click on the Next button, Google will send a Verification Code to your Phone Number. Enter the Verification Code on the subsequent page and again click Next.

7.) Once your phone number will get verified successfully, you will see a success message on the next page. Click the TURN ON option to complete the 2-Step Verification process.

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