How To Recover Missing Yahoo Emails And Contacts?

It can be quite frustrating when you are unable to locate some important emails and contacts in your Yahoo account. Maybe you deleted them accidentally, or Yahoo categorized them as Spam, or a filter setting moved them to some other folder. There can be numerous reasons for missing Yahoo emails and contacts. Whatever may be the reason, below you can find a reliable solution to recover your missing emails and contacts.

Steps to Retrieve Missing Emails and Contacts in Your Yahoo Account

For Missing Emails

1.) Start by checking the deleted emails in the Trash folder. For that, sign in to your Yahoo Mail account and click on the Trash option located on the left side panel of your Yahoo Mail account.

2.) If you don’t find the missing emails in Trash, you can try searching for them. For that, simply enter any related keyword such as the sender’s email address in the search bar located on the upper part of your Yahoo Mail account.

3.) Once entered, click on the Search Mail button. Yahoo will search all the folders for the missing email.

4.) If you still are unable to find the missing emails, the emails might have been deleted from your Yahoo Mail account. If these missing emails would have been deleted or gone missing in the past 7 days only, you can submit a restore request to the Yahoo. If everything goes right, you might be able to recover your missing emails. However, you need to consider the following points:

  • You cannot undo the process if you have requested for the Restoration.
  • Emails deleted beyond the last 7 days will not be recovered.

For Missing Contacts

1.) If you are looking to recover an individual contact, go to your Yahoo Mail account and click on the Contacts icon located on the left-hand side panel.

2.) Click on the Deleted Contacts option from the left column. Select the contacts you want to recover. However, if the missing contact is not listed there, go to Restore your entire contact list section.

3.) Click Restore or Restore Contacts option to restore the contact(s) back to your contact list. Afterward, click Done to complete the process.

4.) If you are looking to restore the complete contact lists, make sure to take the backup of the New Contacts that you would have added since then.

5.) Once you have taken the backup, click on the Contacts icon in your Yahoo Mail account.

6.) Go to Actions > Restore from backup. A new window will pop-up.

7.) Choose a date from which you wish to restore your contacts and click Restore. Your contacts list will be restored to that date.

So, this is how you can easily recover your missing emails and contacts in your Yahoo Mail account. For further assistance, feel free to reach our third-party Yahoo Mail customer support team via following ways:

  • Customer service helpline number (toll-free)
  • Email Contact Support Team
  • Live-chat

All our lines are available 24 by 7, so get in touch with us anytime, from anywhere, for any sort of Yahoo Mail related problems.

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