How Online Computer Support Helps in Troubleshooting the Semaphore Timeout Period Has Expired Error

Majority of the PC users are today addicted to Windows operating system, or Windows run PCs across the world. Since long, we have been using Windows computers for a variety of purposes including study, professional work, businesses, and others. We can’t deny the bitter truth that our computers are not immune from periodic errors so does the Windows. Even Windows run PCs face certain errors in the course of usage and the “Semaphore timeout period has expired Error,” is one of them.

Earlier, a Windows or PC error was scary as we had to take our PCs to service center or OEM’s service center to get it repaired. But with the evolution of technology and the Internet, things have taken a new turn to benefit PC users. Today we get services like online computer support using which you can get online computer repair or get a premium PC service without taking your device out of your office of home. Sounds amazing but true, and you can get it done in a thoroughly secure environment without compromising the data. So whenever, you come across errors like “semaphore timeout period has expired” simply dial a toll-free number and in the next moment you will be talking to a certified tech expert. You get instant online support for your Windows errors. Simply explain the problem you are facing with you PC, and the technician will provide you the best online computer repair. But this blog is not just about letting you know about the benefits of online computer support. Instead, it will also share information about how you can fix the error if you don’t want to spend money on online support.

An Introduction to the “semaphore timeout period has expired” Error

Let us know about what is “semaphore timeout period has expired” and how we can fix it without any third party PC service support.

Experts term it as a low-level Windows error which is notified by the error code 121. It is specifically related to a code that uses a semaphore. The error may take place if you are using buggy drivers that are not appropriate for your device. Bluetooth drivers may also be responsible for such mishap with your PC.

Step to resolve:

Whenever, you come across this error on your Windows PC, simply follow the below-listed steps to get rid of it:

1.    First of all click on Start button and then select Control Panel from the list

2.    In the Control Panel, choose Device Manager and then choose Universal Serial Bus Controllers

3.    In the Universal Bus Controllers, click the little sideways triangle

4.    When you click on the triangle, you will get a drop down list

5.    Now, you have to identify the cause of the error by clicking one-by-one

6.    To do that, you need to click on each entry in the list

7.    Right-click the name that will result in a list and then you need to scroll down to Properties

8.    Here you need to use your common sense in identifying the USAB adaptor driver which might be causing the issue.

9.    Once you guess it correctly, close the USB Root Hub Properties window. However, you need to leave the window of Device Manager open.

10.    Now disconnect everything from the USB hub

11.    Take your mouse pointer back to that USB Root Hub in the list that has been identified by you earlier

12.    Here right-click and choose to Uninstall

13.    Allow the Windows to perform the rest patiently

14.    Now, shut down the entire PC unit

15.    Plug the USB back into the USB connector on the PC

16.    Everything is fine now if the list in Device Manager blinks

17.    Now plug the BlueTooth connector back into the USB hub

18.    Let the Windows complete the rest of the job.

19.    Within two minutes of performing these steps, you will probably get a working COM port again without any sign of semaphore timeouts.

The above troubleshooting steps are based on live testing by users and experts, but issues can’t be ruled out even after applying these. Considering the complexities of the issue, you should stay ready for advanced technical support. Experts recommend avoiding hit and trial instead, you can call an online computer support service for premium instant resolution of a variety of Windows errors.

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