Compression and Zip

Qresolve, a complete Compression, and Zip Solution

Compressing and zipping your files and folders can prove to be extremely useful. It is very useful in saving up precious disk-space, the quick transmission of files via the Internet and speeding up the processor. Depending upon the compression program, the file size can be reduced by 90%.

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Our tech-experts with their profound knowledge and expertise are available at your disposal 24x7x365. We, at Qresolve, provide compression and zipping solutions which will help you make your files smaller in size and archive them as well. We will help you out in case you are facing problems in extracting files from archived folders.

Certain zipped or compressed files can only be opened with the original compression program that was used at the time of compression. This is a method of encrypting the files as a form of protection against intruders. Our extensive Compression and Zip Support comprises of services assisting the zipping and unzipping of the file archives, encrypting of files for privacy concerns, and extracting the already archived files.

Call our tech-experts at any time of the day for any kind of Compression and Zip assistance. Compressing files creates more disk space in your PC for better storage, and speedy transfer and backup of files.

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